Zach Teutsch

Zach founded Values Added Financial to help clients live more fulfilling lives by making wise financial, career, and other life decisions. Before he launched Values Added Financial, Zach developed the first national financial empowerment programs in the labor movement and reached several hundred thousand union members. After that, he joined the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as a subject matter expert on financial education and empowerment. Zach has taught investment and financial planning topics to groups all around the country. His writing has appeared in Vox, The Billfold, and Greater Greater Washington.

Zach lives with his family in Petworth where he is an elected chairperson of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission. He loves parenting, playing ultimate frisbee, baking, and the joy/agony of life as a Philadelphia sports fan. He graduated from Brown University with honors and concentrations in Economic Sociology and Organizational Behavior.  

Ari Weisbard

Ari uses his expertise in estate planning, tax planning, employment matters, investing, buying a home, and many other topics to help clients make wise financial decisions and live more fulfilling lives. Before joining Values Added Financial, Ari spent 15 years working to advance progressive laws and policies at the DC Council, Employment Justice Center, and SEIU.

Ari lives with his family in Petworth. When he’s not providing financial advice, he’s usually playing with his son, baking, sharing communal dinners, volunteering with Jews United for Justice, or advising on employment and estate issues at the Law Office of Ari Weisbard.

Ari graduated from Harvard College in 2003 and Yale Law School in 2008. He clerked on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for the Hon. Michael Daly Hawkins. Ari joined Values Added Financial in November of 2017 and is a member of the District of Columbia and New York Bars.

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