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Welcoming Ari Weisbard to the team

I am delighted to announce that Ari Weisbard has joined Values Added as a financial advisor. I've known him for decades and have often turned to him for advice myself. Like mine, his first career was in public service (DC Council, DC Employment Justice Center, and SEIU). Ari will be using his expertise in estate planning, tax [...]

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You might be able to save tens of thousands of dollars on a mortgage–shop around

If you are going to get a mortgage, shop around first! Those simple words might be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. Whenever I advise clients who are planning to buy a home, I always encourage them to shop for a mortgage. Most people initially say things like "I have a great rate [...]

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Easy Steps to Take in Response to the Equifax Breach

A major credit reporting company, Equifax, had a large-scale breach. It has effected lots of us. Even those whose data wasn't compromised should still use this as an opportunity to think about data security and whether everything in our credit reports is correct. Check out this great resource on what to do in response to [...]

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Featured in Architectural Digest’s 5 Dead Easy Ways to Start Saving for a House We promise, you’ll still have a life

Lot's of people want to buy a first house and are trying to figure out ways to save up for down payments. I recently contributed to a piece by Meghan Nesmith, an exceptionally fun, approachable writer. She did a terrific job with it, as always!  I suggest heading over to Architectural Digest to read it (it's [...]

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The Atlantic is asking “Are Index Funds Evil?”

The Atlantic recently published a piece asking a very interesting question: do index funds have the (accidental) impact of limiting competition and driving up prices? Really smart people are taking both sides of the debate. That's a good sign that it's worth thinking about. In April 2014, Azar, Schmalz, and Tecu posted an early draft [...]

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Money in One’s 20s and 30s

There are lots of issues common to folks in their post-college, pre-middle aged years. Here are answers to many questions people in that age range often ask me. I am, of course, happy to provide more specific answers and update the post to reflect concerns left out–just make comments, I’ll be reading them actively. 1) Why [...]

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