Financial Planning

I help progressives build thoughtful, prosperous, impactful financial lives. By making smart financial decisions based on their values, clients can attain financial security, live lives they feel good about, and make the world better.
Values Added focuses on meeting the needs of people who want a trusted advisor to help them as their lives evolve over time.

The Steps We’ll Go Through

We work together to:

  • Articulate your financial life goals and values

  • Develop a financial plan that will support those values, including:

      • Goal setting
      • Spending/Happiness planning/Cash Management
      • Retirement planning
      • Investment planning
      • Benefits decision-making
      • Insurance and risk management planning
      • Tax planning
      • Charitable giving planning (recommended but optional)
      • Business and Career advice (optional)
      • Education planning (optional)
      • Support with estate planning
      • Coordination with any other related professionals of your choosing
  • Develop systems to automate the plan so it’s easy to stick with

  • Once the plan is in place, I monitor it consistently and we meet twice a year to evaluate how the plan is progressing and revise as goals or realities change

  • I answer questions whenever they arise and help keep you  on track with unlimited email support

What it Costs

My goal is to always to provide value greatly in excess of the cost. My pricing is designed to facilitate great client outcomes. It is based on complexity and is typically more in the first year since we do a lot more work together. Prices vary widely since clients have such different needs and circumstances. This service generally begins at around $250 per month. At first, that may seem like a lot, and it is, but it’s also a steal. High-quality financial advice is worth much more than it costs.

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