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We help progressives build financial lives they feel good about.

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At Values Added, we’re passionate about supporting people who want to leverage their wealth to make an impact and live a joyful life.

The below case studies are hypothetical composites based upon our client experiences.

Allison & Rohit

Impact-Oriented Inheritors

Sara & Elizabeth

Progressive Professionals

Ben & Ali

The Newly-Exited Startup Employee/Founder

The Values Added Experience

Hear from our clients about their experience working with the Values Added team.

We help clients choose the social impact strategy that’s right for them:

Avoid problem industries

Abstaining from companies doing things they don’t want to be a part of.


Remain invested in major companies to use ownership positions to move them in a good direction.


Lending money at low interest rates to organizations that empower people who need it.


Focusing investment decisions on fundamentals and using surplus to directly invest in organizations that are fighting for a better world.

What It Costs​

To learn more about how we help people and what it costs, schedule a time to meet our team or view our pricing on our service page.

How Do I Get Started?

We kick off all of our relationships with a getting-to-know-you meeting. We’ll chat for around an hour and determine if we’re a good fit. We’ll ask you questions about your goals, the role money plays in your life, and what kind of help would be useful to you – and we’ll answer any questions you have about us, as well! Ready? We can’t wait to speak with you.

Allison & Rohit


Allison and Rohit are a financially comfortable family — Allison teaches at a public school, and Rohit is the leader of a local union. They enjoy travel and time with family and friends. Recently, they inherited a notable amount of Apple shares. They don’t approve of the company’s human rights record, and know they likely need to diversify — but they weren’t anticipating making any major life changes in the near future. We’ve helped them strike the right balance for them and they love that they can focus on their kids and work in the community rather than needing to become investment experts. We set up a system that enabled them to diversify their investments, improve their ability to support justice causes, and align their values with their financial life.

Sara & Elizabeth


Sara is a partner at a law firm and her wife Elizabeth works at the State Department. They care about racial justice, economic justice, and climate change. They have kids now, and time is their greatest asset. They knew their money shouldn’t just be piling up in a checking account, but weren’t sure how to invest or give assets away to charity. Sara’s work is especially demanding and she wanted to know if early retirement was an option. We helped them clarify their life vision, and developed a plan. Now we have systems set up so that they are saving for retirement, investing, and have a glide path for Sara to step away from her current role to spend more time with the family. They’re also giving consistently, and involve their kids in values-based conversations around charity.

Ben & Ali


Ben is a serial tech entrepreneur and Ali is a psychiatrist in private practice. They have kids. Ben built an interesting small company and recently sold it to Google–which changed their financial situation markedly. Ben loves the technical, creative, and organizational challenges of building a company. Ali’s practice is just about full, she generally loves the work but sometimes finds the volume overwhelming. When they came to us they were short on time, having trouble adjusting to their new financial reality, and missing out on many tax planning and investment opportunities. Once we started working together, Ali and Ben got clarity on their life vision and what practical steps they needed to take to rebalance their work and their life. On the technical side, we coordinated with their longtime tax preparer and finally implemented a proactive plan so tax time would not be a painful surprise anymore. Ben and Ali now feel their life vision, values, and financial lives are aligned and it feels great.

Would you like your (charitable) giving to be mindful, tax-efficient, effective, and fun?

We have created a 5-day series that covers the how, why, who, and when of incorporating a giving practice into your daily life.