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We have learned a lot over our years of serving clients and we happily share what we know free of charge!

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Risk Factors

I was recently interviewed by Emily Stewart (Vox) for The stock market can be an emotional roller coaster. It shouldn’t be. She asked about the emotions surrounding investments, trying to
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Kathryn Kubiak-Rizzone

Welcoming Kathryn Kubiak-Rizzone

We are excited to announce that Kathryn Kubiak-Rizzone has joined the Values Added team as an associate financial advisor! Kathryn loves helping women and families navigate the many financial decisions
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2020 Giving Suggestions From Clients

As 2020 finally draws to a close, Bridget, Ari, and I have been finding ourselves extremely grateful to do meaningful work with clients we admire and love to serve. This
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How can I make my giving more tax efficient? Charitable planning guide: Part five

In the final part of our charitable giving guide, we’ll discuss how you can use your charitable giving program to reduce your taxes. There are a huge number of technical
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How can I make giving more meaningful? Charitable planning guide: Part four

So far we’ve talked about why you should give, how much you should give and how to choose the organizations you donate to. That’s enough to get you started in
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Who should I give to? Charitable planning guide: Part three

Up to now we’ve talked about why you should give and how much of your income you should ideally think about donating [link]. Now we get to the fun part.
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