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Part Two: The Final Two Money Conversations You Need to Level Up Your Relationship

In our initial blog post, we started to explore the many reasons having money conversations with your spouse or partner is critical to your financial well-being individually and as a
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Part One: Conversations Couples Should Have About Money

Part One: Conversations Couples Should Have About Money For many, money is a source of stress, conflict, and fights within their relationship. In fact, studies show that money issues are
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Looking for somewhere to put your tax refund? 13 organizations that are fighting for an equitable tax system

It’s tax season and everywhere we look there are pieces about clever tax strategies. Those are about personal tax strategies. But what about societal tax strategies?  Our current tax system
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The Financial Challenges 20-Year-Olds Face Today, And How They Can Find Their Financial Path

20-somethings of today are facing the most difficult financial circumstances of any recent generation. In this article, I’d like to dig into what roadblocks today’s young adults are dealing with and how they can navigate them to create a fruitful and fulfilling financial future.
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Part 5: How can I make my giving more tax efficient? Charitable planning guide

In the final part of our charitable giving guide, we’ll discuss how you can use your charitable giving program to reduce your taxes. First, we value many kinds of giving:
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Part 4: How Can I Make Giving More Meaningful?

So far we’ve talked about why you should give, how much you should give and how to choose the organizations you donate to. That’s enough to get you started in
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