Values Added

Bridget Patel, CFP®

Senior Financial Advisor
What do you love doing outside of work?

My number one outside of work activities is spending time with my toddler: reading books (over and over and over), trying new foods, and watching her shriek with laughter or conquer new skills. I also cherish the days when I can take evening walks with my husband and talk about our day.

I also like to do little crafts for gifts or homemade cards, small silly things that make me feel creative.

I always like having a trip to look forward to, like planning an itinerary.

I also like to read and enjoy participating in book clubs.

Why did I decide to become a financial advisor?

I knew I wanted an impactful career that allowed me to work with people and with numbers. My prior job at the Federal Reserve was certainly impactful, and covered the quantitative part, but I wanted more interaction with people. I care about and the satisfaction of helping people realize their goals. During my master’s program I took a wealth management class, and I really enjoyed it! I liked the way it tied everything together like risk management, investments, modeling, but on a personal and applicable level. I liked the idea of having the right tools and insights to help people tackle their own unique problems and make progress on their goals, whatever they may be.

On a personal level, I knew that I could impact at least two lives right away. I wanted to help my parents feel secure in going into retirement and provide the clarity and confidence, for my mom especially, that she could actually retire and still afford to see her grandchildren.

I specifically chose to work for an independent investment firm because every person I spoke with who worked in one loved what they did and enjoyed working with their clients. I knew I wanted that same sense of satisfaction and the ability to help people.

What’s one of my favorite things I’ve helped a client change in their life (financial or otherwise)?

I always feel good when I can help a client take one action that will change their trajectory. For example, helping a client start to make contributions to their retirement savings, or maybe even make the maximum contribution to their retirement savings for the first time. (It seems like a small thing, but the effects of compounding interest are quite large!)

Another example is helping a client realize that they could retire sooner than they initially thought, or realize they can afford to switch to a more satisfying job even if they have to take a pay cut. Being there for that moment when a client understands they really can achieve their vision is deeply satisfying for me and is how I feel driven in my work.

What experiences do I bring to my work helping clients?

I developed my quantitative, financial, and project management skills during my time at the Federal Reserve. I understand that there are complex problems that can’t be solved in one email, you have to get the right people involved, keep momentum and follow through.

Through my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ training, I had access to case studies and would practice client meeting topics and improve my communication skills. I would also practice explaining certain complicated topics to friends or family to see how effective I was at capturing what was important to them and communicating the reasons for any plan of action.

One issue I am passionate about is:

Early childhood education. I was struck by how much of a person’s whole life is influenced by the first couple years of their life, and the importance of exposure to language. I volunteer with Horton’s Kids, a local reading/tutoring program as a way to put into action what I care about.

CFP Board of Standards
MA, Finance, Johns Hopkins University
BS, Economics, University of Kentucky