Values Added

Tracy Kellermeyer

Client Services Specialist
What do you love doing outside of work?

I have two train-obsessed toddlers and our small little mountain town just so happens to be home to a historic, narrow-gauge railroad. You can find us at the tracks every Saturday morning seeing the trains off and waving to all the passengers headed out on their trip through the mountains! I also love traveling to and exploring the U.S. National Parks – we’ve been to about half of them so far!
I love capturing and preserving memories of my life and my family. I have been into scrapbooking since I was in high school, and have made yearly photo albums ever since my husband and I met in 2013. My newest passion is combining 1 second clips every day to create a short video of what our family has been up to each month!

Why did you decide to work in client services?

I became interested in the financial planning industry after my own debt payoff journey and saving/paying for my wedding and honeymoon in cash. The freedom that came with getting myself and my husband into a good financial space was so liberating! I talked to everyone who would listen about how we got out of debt and learned to manage money in a way that was fun to us, because I wanted everyone in my life to experience that same freeing feeling!

In my professional life, I have always loved coordinating logistics, and developing relationships with clients and customers. I have a passion for back office type work. Being able to help our advisors help clients, stay organized, and creating a positive and efficient client experience really fills my cup!


What experiences do you bring to your work helping clients?

I’ve been a Client Service Associate for the past 5 years! I have seen all kinds of situations and had to problem solve many types of issues. I get great satisfaction from being able to help busy people cross the finish line and help manage logistics so they don’t have to!

In addition, I have hired and trained a dozen other Client Service Associates to do what I do for other Advisors!

I love making a difference in my community by…
I volunteer with the Professional Women’s Network of Durango, and served on their Board of Directors from 2018-2021. I’m passionate about getting women connected to one another, and it was such an honor to help coordinate local events showcasing local women in our community to inspire our members to reach new levels of success through storytelling and collaboration.

BS, Health Promotion and Wellness, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point