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Investing in Healthcare Justice: Welcoming DC Abortion Fund to Our Pro Bono Program

At Values Added, we believe in caring for our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. We’ve found that our experience in investment management and financial planning isn’t just helpful to people, but its power can be a source of critical support to organizations. That’s why we have a pro bono program where we help high-impact […]

Part 5: How can I make my giving more tax efficient? Charitable planning guide

In the final part of our charitable giving guide, we’ll discuss how you can use your charitable giving program to reduce your taxes. First, we value many kinds of giving: person-to-person, political, community aid, small organizations, large organizations, and more. However, the IRS doesn’t treat them all the same. If you want an income tax […]

Part 4: How Can I Make Giving More Meaningful?

So far we’ve talked about why you should give, how much you should give and how to choose the organizations you donate to. That’s enough to get you started in your giving program, but how can you make your giving more personally meaningful? Create a ritual for giving Simply increasing your donations is likely to […]

Part 3: Who Should I Give To?

Up to now we’ve talked about why you should give and how much of your income you should ideally think about donating. Now we get to the fun part – Deciding which organizations to give to! So many organizations (and non-organizations) do amazing work. And you can be a part of it–literally contribute. Finding the […]

Part Two: How Much Should I Give?

In the last post, we discussed why people give to charities—for many reasons, but most importantly because it’s important to do the right thing and knowing you are doing it is fulfilling. So, congratulations if you’re still here. You’ve decided to make charitable giving part of your life. Once you decide to give, the next […]

Part One: Charitable Giving — A five part series on more effective philanthropy

As the year approaches its end, lots of people begin to think about charitable giving. Unfortunately, this means that many people are rushing around trying to cram a year’s worth of giving back into one of the busiest months of all. If this is you, maybe it’s time to consider developing a well-planned, strategic, year-round […]