Being feminist is an important part of how we see the world. Thinking about the ways that patriarchy influences work life, family life, and financial life more broadly is essential to understanding those topics in a serious way.

It seems obvious to us that any progressive would be LGBTQ+friendly at a minimum but unfortunately, it isn’t universal and so we all still need to clarify. It’s been important to us to build a practice that is actively inclusive and supports clients with many family and relationship structures. We are honored to have many LGBTQ+ clients.

We are committed to inclusion, non-judgment, and ongoing learning so if you want to talk about a way we could support you and be more inclusive of any aspect of your identity, please let us know and we’d love to learn more so we can build a safe space together.

Our firm is dedicated to anti-racist principles. We believe that racism isn’t just an issue of personal bias but is an insidious system of oppression in which we are all complicit. We have an obligation to fight to change that system. Ignoring the injustice is agreement to perpetuate it.