We mostly work with people who care about living socially responsible lives. What that means differs by person. Balancing career decisions, charitable giving approaches, socially responsible investing (SRI) strategies, and personal lifestyle is challenging to do in a serious way. Most advisors will just recommend a SRI fund and move on. This is a naive way to approach the topic and results in many clients ending up with overpriced investments that don’t deliver much, if any, social change. With us, you get a team of advisors who have significant experience in social change work, evaluating impact, and with shareholder activism. We bring a rare depth of experience to evaluating the differences between the approaches of different SRI firms and whether their change work really works. And it gets even more complicated since some don’t want to maximize social change but rather want to completely avoid certain industries regardless of cost.

No matter how you balance social issues, financial issues, and lifestyle, we are ready to bring our deep understanding of SRI and the related financial, spiritual/religious, and moral questions to your situation so we can figure out the best solution.