We use a sliding scale based on income, assets, and complexity to determine appropriate financial planning and investment advisory fees. 

Most households will pay an annual financial planning fee of around $8,000 (but ranging from $2,000 to $24,000, depending on the complexity of their needs). We usually adjust financial planning fees over time as the complexity of the client’s situation and need for financial planning increase or decrease. After the first year or two of financial planning work together, financial planning fees are often reduced to account for all of the streamlining of your financial life that we have accomplished together. We only adjust fees after clients have agreed to the change in writing. 

The financial planning fee covers the work we do around vision and goal setting, tax planning, family money systems and spending plans, insurance, estate planning, business planning, workplace benefits, real estate, charitable giving, career management, and many other topics. For business owners, the business portion of the financial planning fee can be deducted as a business expense, which may reduce its effective cost by a third or more. 

For the investment strategy and implementation portion of our work, we typically charge 1% of your assets (excluding your equity in your primary home) per year. Most of our clients choose to have us directly manage their investments for them. We also advise clients on what investments to choose in accounts that we can’t manage like their employer’s 401(k), for example. 

Our fees are similar to many other firms, but we understand our clients better since we have a shared set of values and go deeper in our work. We also have broader expertise than most firms and work on topics that they don’t have the expertise or interest to address, like how to make your charitable giving or social impact investing especially effective. 

Comprehensive financial planning is typically worth way more than it costs. We love that we add tremendous values to clients’ lives, both in ways that are easy to measure and in ways that aren’t. High-quality investment advice and management tends to substantially improve outcomes, sometimes by large amounts (hundreds of thousands of dollars or more over time). You can read more about that in an excellent, accessible paper here. We aim to generate value for clients well in excess of fees charged.

We don’t have an asset minimum though our services typically make sense for people with significant complexity in their financial lives and/or with $500,000 or more of investments. 

When we have available bandwidth, we often offer Financial Strategy Intensives, which are 3-session sprints that cover a couple of prominent questions but aren’t intended to be comprehensive and don’t include implementation or ongoing support. Financial Strategy Intensives typically cost $3,000.

Donation to social justice causes/issues

Ari and Zach both donate 20% of their incomes to justice causes on a range of issues. One example: Zach supports global health via Project Muso. Within three years of Project Muso deploying their model in Mali, child mortality dropped from 15% to 1.7%. We also donate to other organizations and focus on supporting environmental, feminist, racial, LGBTQ+, and economic justice.