For new clients with $1.5 million to $15 million that we help invest, our quarterly fee is typically 0.25%. For clients with assets greater than $15 million or those with significant private, illiquid, or non-marketable assets, we often negotiate a fee based on the specific circumstances. 

We also serve clients with less than $1.5 million in assets who have complex tax, charitable, career, or other planning needs that are a good fit for our specialized skills and expertise. These clients pay a financial planning fee in addition to their investment management fee, for a minimum total fee of $15,000 per year. 

Our fees are similar or more attractive than many of the big firms but we understand our clients better since we have a shared set of values and go deeper in our work. We also have broader expertise than most firms and work on topics that they don’t have the expertise or interest to address, like how to make your charitable giving or social impact investing especially effective. We also cover a wider variety of conventional topics (career, real estate, estate planning, insurance, etc). 

We only work with clients where we think we can provide value well in excess of the fees we charge.

Comprehensive financial planning is typically worth way more than it costs. We love that we add tremendous value to clients’ lives, both in ways that are easy to measure and in ways that aren’t. High-quality investment advice and management tends to substantially improve outcomes, sometimes by large amounts (hundreds of thousands of dollars or more over time). You can read more about that in an excellent, accessible paper here

We only receive compensation from our clients. To better align our interests with our clients, we refuse any commissions, kickbacks, or other compensation from third parties.

Donation to social justice causes/issues

Ari and Zach both donate 20% of their incomes to a variety of social justice causes. They support organizations fighting for global health, environmental, feminist, LGBTQ+, immigrant, racial, and economic justice.