If you want to live a full and fulfilling life, want someone who puts your best interests first, relies on evidence, understands the emotional and personal dimensions of money and decision-making, and is committed to helping you achieve great outcomes with money and in life, we might be the right firm for you. And if we aren’t, we’ll help you find a firm that is.

Most of our clients bring progressive values to our work together but some hire us just for our capability at tax-sensitive investment management. If you want to live a good life, be comfortable, give back to your community, and invest in family and friends we are likely to be a good fit.

We work with many clients who have inherited money and want to give some away. They often want to figure out how much and want help managing the rest so that their future is comfortable and they don’t need to worry.

We work with many retirees. Some built businesses and others were career civil servants. Some inherited and some didn’t. Regardless of what brought our clients to retirement, we help them steward their resources prudently, invest using evidence-based approaches, use tax planning to increase the amounts they have available for their lifestyles, charitable giving, and whatever other purposes they want.

All of the advisors at Values Added Financial have all spent much of our careers in public service. We live simple lives focused on family, friends, giving to our communities, working for justice, and doing work we feel good about. If we don’t think we can help, we’ll let you know and offer a referral to someone who can.