Below are some descriptions of my work from clients I’ve helped.

Zach understands what it means to organize finances for people of our generation. He immediately understood and incorporated our values and perspective into a framework that left any residue of financial planning stodginess behind and felt both comfortable and new. –A Brooklyn Couple

I sat down with Zach for a brief but thorough conversation to make sure I’m staying on top of all the options and opportunities I have as I advance in my career and start thinking about long-term needs. He offered great perspective, including on obscure topics that would have taken me countless hours to figure out myself, so it was well worth it. Because he’s not trying to sell you a product, he’s able to offer unbiased advice in a completely friendly way that’s aligned with your own priorities. – Nathan

Zach gave me a pre-parenthood financial checkup before my son was born and I found it extremely helpful to get an overview of where my husband and I were at, financially, and where we needed to be. Zach explained everything clearly and helped me strategize vis-à-vis the big financial picture. I definitely plan to check in with him before our next big life transition. –Elise Nussbaum