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Remember to Play

kids at play

Ron Lieber just wrote a great column about play.

Maybe you keep a budget. If you do, perhaps you have entries for travel or even specific entries for your hobbies.

But even if you are not tracking every dollar and are lucky enough to have money left over beyond your basic needs, it is worth rethinking your leisure-time spending. What we’re really talking about here is the overarching category of play, and chances are you’re not thinking enough about what activities make you most happy.

He’s totally right. I find that most clients can actually spend less money and feel happier, more relaxed, and more fulfilled. Based on the research, the biggest drivers seem to be work that one thinks matters, being generous, community, family, and hobbies. I think hobbies and other play approaches attract by far the least attention and that’s a shame. One should make it a part of the routine of life be it board games on a weeknight, touch-football on a weekend, or going to a concert monthly. If one can make the time, and lots of people can and don’t, make sure you do!