Values Added

Tax Intention

Do you have a tax intention?

Setting an intention for organizing and filing your taxes can help you align this annual “to do” with your values, and bring a sense of grounding as you go through filing season. A huge thanks to Jessy Tolkan and Drive Agency for their creative partnership on this intention project!

Here is a sample for you to use and build off of:

My Tax Intention

Here I sit, ready to pay my taxes and invest in this community’s future. I believe that government can make lives better. We can solve problems together that none of us can solve alone.

We need clear water, clean air, and healthy communities to thrive. We need schools, hospitals, transit, and roads. Social Security allows people to retire with dignity and a safety net supports us during hard times.

Through government, we extinguished polio, explored space, connected the country, sequenced the genome, created a national parks system, and achieved near-universal literacy. Through programs funded by our tax dollars, we support essential nutrition and food programs for families, world-class science that cures diseases, and aid to nations less economically secure than our own.

I am grateful for these blessings and proud to participate in making all that possible by contributing part of my earnings to invest in my community. I worked hard for this money, and I know these tax dollars are essential to building the country I want to continue fighting to improve.