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You want a thought partner with experience to help you strike the right balance.

That’s what we do. ​

Who We Are

We Want You To Be You

We want to guide you to the moment when you realize that you can embrace the thing you truly want, that it’s time to stop worrying and make it happen. At first, you don’t think it’s possible, then we model it out, figure out a way, and finally, you quit the job, take the sabbatical, give an audacious amount to a cause that badly needs it, or whatever it is that you’ve been waiting for.

We Love to Nerd Out

We love to nerd out about different ethical approaches to investment, giving, making change, happiness, and advanced financial/tax planning concepts–all so that we can present solutions to our clients that are technically robust and properly consider social impact.

We Aren't Your Normal Financial Advisors

We don’t drive fancy cars or wear expensive watches. When we aren’t helping clients we are usually making a difference in our communities, taking care of our kids, or fighting for economic justice, workers’ rights, a fairer tax system, abortion/women’s healthcare access, and a sustainable environment free from climate change.

We all had first careers in public service, including workers rights, education, government service, shareholder activism, and policy work. Zach built the first national financial skills training programs for union members. When he became a full-time financial educator, friends began to ask for his help with their lives. He learned that he loved helping people solve the thorny (and not so thorny) questions of money, values, dreams, and life. They sent their friends and that led to his financial coaching practice. He continued that work when he joined the CFPB during Obama’s second term. When the administrations changed, he left to help clients full-time and launched Values Added to serve them more deeply and broadly than he ever could before. Since then, the team has grown adding Ari, Bridget, Kathryn, and Joel–all wise, kind, smart, and caring advisors.

Meet the team

Ari Weisbard

Managing Partner

Bridget Patel

Senior Financial Advisor

Georgette Kennebrae

Associate Financial Advisor

Joel Anderson

Associate Financial Advisor

Kathryn Kubiak-Rizzone

Financial Advisor

Tracy Kellermeyer

Client Services Specialist

Zach Teutsch

Managing Partner


If you want to use your resources to build a fulfilling, sustainable life, we want to help.

Would you like your (charitable) giving to be mindful, tax-efficient, effective, and fun?

We have created a 5-day series that covers the how, why, who, and when of incorporating a giving practice into your daily life.